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Blanket - Cozy Cacau

Blanket - Cozy Cacau

SKU: 33159718097469488285
€60,51 Preço normal
€42,36Preço promocional

Elevate your cozy moments with this fleece blanket. Crafted from premium 100% polyester fleece (315gsm), these blankets offer both comfort and durability. The vibrant print brings life with stunning detail.

At just 0.1" (0.2cm) thick, these blankets strike the perfect balance between lightweight luxury and warmth. Seamlessly transition from home to outdoor excursions with these versatile blankets. The automatically matched seam thread color ensures a polished look, completing the artistic expression.

Transform any space with creativity and comfort with these blankets. Snuggle up in style and make every moment uniquely yours!

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